-Nature’s Bond – My Aquarian Man

This Aquarian man is my lifeline and I’m just crazy about him! In turn, I know he adores me much in the same vein or even more. πŸ˜€ But what we do best, and enjoy, is a good fight. We fight like crazy so much, that people around us have given up taking sides. Because the moment they take a side, they need to tackle not one, but the both of us at the same time. And two aqurains however gregarious they may be, can be tough to beat! πŸ˜€ So, they let us be, like that and wait for us to be back to guffaws instead of punching each other! Sooner or later, MJ may stop us from meeting each other if we go on like this πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜šπŸ˜‡ I don’t know how many of you celebrate Father’s day! we do, because it is yet another occasion to celebrate our quorum, it could be as simple as sharing a bar of chocolate. To me, these two days, the birthdays and anniversaries are like a session in prayanama πŸ˜› a day to dedicatedly focus on the said person, not that they aren’t special on other days… It is only because they are special that we feel like celebrating them on these days πŸ™‚

Father’s day is around the corner.. Sunday, the 19th of June… (Fathers unlike mothers are a neglected lot when it comes to celebrating parenthood mostly. What happens most of the time is, my man gets to know it is father’s day before I do, rings me up and demands a wish 😎. This year however, I may make that first call πŸ˜‡)

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13 thoughts on “-Nature’s Bond – My Aquarian Man”

  1. I don’t believe in celebrating fathers and mothers days. These are totally commercialised American traditions which like Cocoa Cola, garbage bins and yellow buses have become universal traditions

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    1. I agree … That’ exactly the answer I give when people ask me about women’s day 😎.

      Ps:among the four of us, we always bake a cake, share cadbury’s since the time we were in school!

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  2. It is funny till I came to uk I did not even know such days existed. . And I studied in a good city in india .. chandigarh. . I think over the years it has become more commercialised..


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