In the middle of the night

  1. I have been moping around the whole of yesterday thinking that today is Thursday.. I had this urge to stop it, pull it back like we do in the game of tug-of-war! I couldn’t suppress the dejection of it being Friday day after tomorrow. 😦
  2. Even if you ask me why, why I was this upset about the weekend coming this soon, I would have had no clear idea for an answer. Because I have absolutely no clue. I was upset, that was the state of mind I recognized, because it was Thursday tomorrow. That is all I can gather until this moment, when I realized tomorrow is not Thursday but is a still a Wednesday!
  3. My joy had no bounds. I am so happy I want to wake up everyone around and take them out for a round of raspberry ice cream. Why raspberry, you ask? I have memories of walking into a windy rain, hand in hand with one of my best friends, I made on campus, every single day that first monsoon in Hyderabad relishing the raspberry ice stick..
  4. I called her up, and she tells me she’ll have a scoop of ice cream after her lunch, and even have my share, “you can wake up with that pic, now look out for the moon one last time, go find your pillow on your bed” she instructed. It is late in the morning for her in the country she lives in now.
  5. We met on the first day of admissions during our Masters, we clicked in between the submission of forms and paying fees. We even had rooms in the same wing of the hostel. Noisemakers, that’s what our seniors used to call us 😀 She and I would set out on her bike in the coming months almost every week, swish past every traffic police man in the city of Hyderabad, which still has no sense of traffic! and roam the city, eating hot jalebis in jaggery syrup I have no count of the number of times, we have climbed the steps of the Golconda Fort, or woken up at 5 and gone to Necklace Road to watch the sun rise and hopped into an MMTS to enjoy a train ride to the last station and back!
  6.  When she came back to hostel, one day, during the vacation, Ss and I were in the middle of finding out which day it was and the date..Ps walked in as we had come to an amicable conclusion and made it a workable Sunday. When I called Ps now, she says, we should bring Ss on this call, who knows telepathy may work in weird ways! She too may be mourning it is Thursday tomorrow and will be happy to find out it is a Wednesday!
  7. If you were wondering whether we did wake her up, we didn’t. She was awake wrapping up her work for the day. She was about to sleep, she said, .. I told her about the raspberry bit, she had always liked butterscotch! we made a deal, like always. Ps said she was on her walk on her break, Ss and I are trying to find that pillow and get to bed.
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