A bouquet for your thoughts!

Hari has tagged me for the 3 day quote challenge! I bumped into Hari at Akhila’s blog, (I think,) from then on, I have been looking forward for him to post his stories, he calls his heartbeats. I like his Cube series the best, closely followed by a melancholic Broken Bangles.

Here goes, #3 quote- 3 day challenge

I did get a little help for choosing today’s quote from a comment Nitin posted here. He wrote that the quote was his wallpaper for some time 😀 Where else did I needed to look, but at my wall paper for day 3 😀

What makes me happy today, these 🙂

Linking to Jackie’s Tuesday Thinking Corner 🙂

and here you go, a bouquet for your posts, thoughts, comments, replies and banter 🙂


A big thank you for being around, at your place, mine and at others.


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