do you have a studious side ;)

This meme on FB says my studious side looks like this ..Β studious side

I’m laughing out loud, even rolling on the floor and laughing…if this is indeed my studious side, I wonder (what’s the opposite of studious) side would be like, fb can we have another of your memes highlighting that aspect πŸ˜€ However, considering that the said pic was taken at 2 in the morning after a group of us studiously finished prep for a surprise party the next day, that could be called studious, after all πŸ˜› Β If you are wondering what the third side is, it is the sensitive side!

daily prompt: UnderstandingΒ | linking to #MicroblogMondayΒ |Studious: 1.Β spending a lot of time studying or reading. 2.done deliberately or with a purpose in mind



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54 thoughts on “do you have a studious side ;)”

          1. I do know I have plenty to read… but an ode to me? Who we kidding here? You just can’t shut up anyway. πŸ™‚

            Also… from the original comment: “what is the third pic?” πŸ˜€

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