You fill up my senses …

Prompt: who else, but the morning rains, 😉 Bombay is set to monswooooon


in this moment of unprecedented joy, I feel John Denver wrote the Annie’s song as a metaphor for rain 😉

……… fill up my senses

And it began to rain
Just like that…
Uninvited, out of the blue.
The morning walkers ran towards the shop shelters
The coconut man covered his green seeds
The drenched tar turned a shade darker
Even the pigeon, surprised looked at me eye to eye,
I opened the window wide,
To let the chill glide in
And it began to rain
Just like that.

… come fill me again …

ps: Hehehe, the prosaic tries to versify :P, rain you little devil 😀 linking to The Daily Post: Pure, Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 28 – Glorious (Glorious Weather), 18W (Welcome) ABC Wednesdays


49 thoughts on “You fill up my senses …”

      1. At 3am, I was coming from Pune and walking on the road along the river near my home, when the shower drenched me! It was exhilarating! The whiff of soil and the patter of droplets on the leaves! Everything, including the ghosts from the graveyard across the river, were rejoicing! Hope the rains stay!

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          1. Yes. I happen to live in a jungle. 😀 There’s a river across my complex. A small jungle is on the other side of the complex. Mountains are at a stone’s throw and no pun intended. 😀 Karnala Bird Sanctuary is 2km from my home, so we don’t need an alarm to wake up in the morning.

            The downside? Our complex is the picnic spot for various creatures like snakes, foxes, mongoose… you name it! But it’s worthwhile.

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    1. the met dept came back with the line, they were premonsoon showers. The wait continues.

      Any time, I am trying to compile all posts on the theme of monsoon I got to read in the past week with this one 🙂


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