#2 quote challenge

Anagha tagged me to do this 3 quote challenge. This time, the universe knew I was searching for a quote for day 2! this picture surfaced as a forward in one of my whatsapp groups today! (pic courtesy: google images)


Every single day we make a choice,

like a choice to wake up smiling when the sun streams..

or a choice to remove that signature in threaded emails each time when you hit reply (I’m guilty of this too, a few times.. but having to count so many regards, xyz in a 50 long thread! ah!)

or a choice to count the steps when you walk Β up a flight of stairs (call it some form of meditation, I don’t know :P)

a choice to spend time reading a blog post and typing out a reply πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› ( :))

a choice to end your day with cabdbury’s silk πŸ˜› (one of the best things in life is chocolate. period :D)

a choice to keep jogging till that next turning, right near that shop around the corner or that tree on the right…. (or to fit in that one extra burpee, or a sec more on that plank..)

a choice to finish a blogathon! (I can relate so well to this one… I’m struggling to find quote 3 for tomorrow ;))

a choice to snooze the alarm to sleep for another 15 minutes and then snooze again another 15 minutes… (who doesn’t ;))

like that every single day we make a choice, in fact choices… not just in big things but also in little “kutty” things… Β πŸ™‚


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27 thoughts on “#2 quote challenge”

                    1. Yes, it was πŸ™‚

                      My thoughts I think had a baggage from a conversation that ensued when a friend’s parent passed away early this year! Your post kind of connected me back to that conversation!

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