#1 quote challenge

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a comment Anagha made on a post in another blog. She had written almost the same things that was running through my head for the post, which led me to her blog.. I guess, her comment was “the thought,” my hopping to her writing space, was “the action,” and this post could be “the speech” 🙂


Like it is with many things, I was caught blank when this quote challenge came to me. So, I pinged my happiness quotient,. the answer is in front of you in black in a yellow backdrop.

If blogging is our speech, then.. does this make sense.. 🙂

the tag blogged its way from somebody, I’m sure Akhila would know to Mahesh to Anagha to here and now..  should I, should I not! tag someone! Freewill 😀 Here are the rules: • 3 Day challenge, a quote each day • 3 Nominees each day, not repetitive (customize). Above all, ponder over, what a quote is 🙂 quote, interpret, adapt, customize.. share 🙂



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12 thoughts on “#1 quote challenge”

          1. Well, I’m not very good at these marathon things! Usually I fizzle out after the first day! 😦

            I’m more into writing short stories. Even that may be once a week. Not a real blogger in a sense. Too lazy to be regular.

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            1. Same band wagon..! I have no clue whether I’ll post tomorrow and go on to finish it challenge!! you know what, you could use a quote as an inspiration and write a story on it, and stretch it over three days, nobody says it needs to be three continuous days 🙂 giving the marathon your own twist..


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