Wordy Weds #2 : Tsundoku


I’m surprised that there is a word for buying books, keeping them aside, thinking of reading them at a later time! These kg sales of this city have spoilt me in the last two years. I come back with cartons of books on both days of the sale, satisfied, like I have had a plate of my comfy food. What happens thereafter is I pick a book from that pile, and begin to read. The problem begins soon after the read is over, because I forget about the pile, walk to the nearest bookstore online or off to browse for a new book. The pile from those two days would be forgotten, until.. A word like this appears from nowhere on FB 😎 (I’m kidding)

Initially, when I spotted this post on FB, I thought it was one of those made up jokes, that like a rumour was passed on from one book lover to another book group to the avid reviewer. But then Google told me the word exists. 🙄

📌Guilty as charged! 📌

I may need another room soon to store my books! If you come by to visit me, I may need to move books from the chairs and the mattress make another pile of the stacks on the floor to make way for you to walk in and be comfortable…. 😛

Nevertheless, I’m excited that I can see a library coming together in the near future … My very own little space of just books, light and me. Inside a room with more than a few windows with large seating spaces to sit and read, or at times, sit by the window and enjoy the greens outside. Since I can’t function without a table and a chair, I will have one put in one of the corners. There needs to be a rug in the centre with a few soft cushions, so I can lie down and read whenever I feel tired of sitting on those sills and working at the table…I want one of those grandfather chairs as well to lie back and enjoy those not so heavy books unlike A Suitable Boy (Seth, himself has written a disclaimer about how heavy the book is, and how to handle it if at all we take it up for bed time reading), one of those shadow floor lamps that will spread their designed light all over my walls and shelves when the sun decides to rest.. I can visualize a couple of my friends who would love to stay in here with the books, reading on the rug and setting some of them up for a picture..

Ps:I feel kind of blissful just by looking at my books stacked like that without even touching one of them.. my kind of a space to connect with the words on the page..

Pictures from Google Images.

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32 thoughts on “Wordy Weds #2 : Tsundoku”

  1. Hahahah! I’d have been guilty of this charge, but for the fact that I don’t buy hard copies anymore! But, what my room lacks, my cellphone made up. I have downloaded more than I can ever read!

    Nice word! 😀

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    1. It sounds so much similar to pseudopodia, how does one pronouce this thing, even worse use it in a sentence.. Still guilty you are Rakesh, me too, because the act of piling up books can be real or virtual 😀 😀 thank god nobody comes visiting my SD card 😉

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    1. That phrase you put up “the obsession for books syndrome” is way easier to remember and pronounce that the word in the post starting with T. Welcome here Aishwarya.. 🙂


  2. Hahaha. I never knew this word existed too. That is so me. I have tons of books that are on my TBR list but I am gearing up for an annual sale that is happening in my neighbourhood next weekend, talk about being greedy

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  3. I feel all nice and warm after reading your post. Only I’ll get my own bean bag to your room :-). I had no idea of this word too. My husband bought me a kindle so I would’t buy more real books – not much use that has been – to his complete annoyance!

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