A Blog Hop

I was blog hopping when I landed on this page, but then I stayed there for some more time, delving deeper into this blog. I went from post to post, and discovered many posts written not so long ago, a year or two old, but longer and deeper posts than a random selection of impromptu pictures and nuggets for prompts. Nevertheless, it was a little strange because I was reading-hopping-reading my own blog.

How often do you revisit your older posts? This was one of the first times I did it, and I enjoyed what I saw. There were times when I feel, oh!did I write that one,😎😎😎 and the stiffled narcissist in me has an awakening, a sense of pride pushes its way towards the surface.. The pride soon deflates when I meet a mere rattle, and a lazy post and I go bah! Really!! How. 👻👻👻👾

Tell me about it, how does it feel to critique your blogging self,. A job for you, give me a link to a favourite post of yours from your blog and add it to the comments here or pingback to this post. I’m a reading mood…

Linking to Writetribe Prompt – What are you thinking of right now? Express yourself by free writing.

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