Up Above the World so High

Daily Prompt @ Sky

Introducing the Delhi I saw… 🙂 That is better than saying here is Delhi. I have spent entire days with these birds and the squirrels keeping my work aside, just watching them, clicking away….

FB tells me, I was in Delhi this time last year, amidst the mini earthquakes, rains and the heat. These days any trip to a city is incomplete without meeting a blog friend/s. I did last year on this trip too. 🙂

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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

26 thoughts on “Up Above the World so High”

                    1. I was in the train passing through the country side, and there were two horses running alongside .. Beautiful sight it was .. All their mane flying in the wind in their speed, like dogs in our places run after cars, here the horses were 🙂

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