23:23. That was the time when I looked up at the clock, and I was amused, like that~ Just like the score was 175/5 in 17.5 overs in the finals of the IPL this season at one point. (if not the final, it was definitely one of the last four matches but that was the score). Such a score would have given out little bunch of cricket audience very tense moments if it was during our childhood. As we all know, we made up our own cricketing superstitions. It could have been the minutest of things, like the position of the remote when the batsmen was playing well, or the bowler was giving away no runs. Didn’t David Shepard do a jig, or raise a foot when the score was 111 because he considered it an unlucky number for the batsman…

Not likewise unlucky, this was more amusing. The time was 23:23 when I looked up from my whatspp chat. And I told my two girls I was chatting  then to look at the time, like now right then, :).. friends by virtue of being friends get the point very quickly, others may need an explanation, and in that, the moment may slip to 23:24 and then to 23:25.

Now likewise will make sense for the next instance. The other day, my sibling and I were chewing on aam pappad (sun dried mango slices/sheets) when all of a sudden, at the same moment we reached out for the packet of milk bikis on the table. It could be that our sense of taste and quirky combinations in food have a history of a blood bond. We both wanted to try out aam pappad biscuit sandwiches at the same time! and it turns out to be yummy! 😈



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