Wordy Wednesday #1


I’ve used Rice flour to cook before but mostly in combination with other flours such as wheat or with pulses such as white lentils or using yeast. It is a staple for breakfast meals in the part of the world I come from. But this plate above has only rice flour. I had kept it aside from the previous day’s breakfast meal and I had forgotten all about it until this morning ..the flour mix I had boiled in water hadn’t gone bad! (Relief)

I was hungry and needed something to eat. So, I diluted it with a cup of water to make it into a pourable consistency and made mini dosas out of it.. 😋

I don’t know what to call them now 😎dosas are usually made in combination with lentils, neither can this be vellai appams nor palappams but this made a simple meal without fuss of any fermentation or rolling out or any such! It is almost like the flour mix had a mind of its own 😇

Linking to photo challenge for spare and 18U ABC Wednesday for put to use.

Usually, Wednesdays are wordless. For those Wednesdays where I have a pic and a few words describing them, there are Wordy Wednesdays. If you have a similar photo post with words tag them to Wordy Wednesday and create a pingback to this post.


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