Bird’s Eye View

There is a road I can see down there that ends in a cluster of trees, and beyond that there are these high rises…. It is sultry at the moment, the sun is quite a terror, almost a curfew hour. But when the sun begins to mellow down around six after a day’s work, the place starts to bustle … A vegetable cart wheels into the corner next to the coconut water man who is a permanent fixture there. He is there with his sack of green coconuts, early in the morning and even late at night. I have an urge to run down and touch him to see whether he is made of wax. You never know, city planners can have crazy ideas foe statues 😇 One, two, five, ten and the I need to walk into my balcony to keep up my view of the vegetables on display. An epitome of Everyday..

Bird’s Eye View 😇


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