the Sun is still under his cloud cover quilt…

5.54 am. (I’m also a teeny bit surprised I’m up this side of 6). As I draw the curtains apart, I find I slept through a rainy night. It is still drizzling. The roads are soaked in the wetness and the air around feels cooler.. (It is time to take out those thinner quilts)

Out in the distance, the buildings emerge from among the clouds..the street lights are still on casting a pool of yellow light at their feet foot ;). A man in black tee and shorts with white running shoes just crossed the road towards the circle. Another man in a shade of orange tee and blue shorts will briskly catch up with him soon. A milkman passed up on a bike with his vessels full of milk… I suddenly feel like a cup of steaming hot coffee. I am tempted to put on my shoes, take a walk to the circle to get a cup of coffee on my way back at the corner shack…

But I do nothing of it. I sit on the bed with a bottle of water and watch the day emerge … from among the clouds, the canopy covered lanes,  relishing the wet air, taking in the joy of the cleaner trees and the rain drops sitting on the roofs of the cars..

ps. I’m a very #brushbeforeyoudoanythinginthemorning kind of person. I can’t begin anything until after I have cleaned my teeth and some paste has lathered the insides of my mouth. What about you..

Daily Prompt: Summer


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