Brown M’mries

My first cups of coffee were a shade of light brown. As I grew into my teens, it gave way to darker shades until the day I tasted my first cup of ‘real’ coffee .. ! No wonder people come home asking for her cups of coffee! It’s brilliant and tastes the same how many very times she makes it.

But, I never liked tea. Now, that would be a wrong thing to say. I never knew tea, would be more like it. Tea! What’s that! 😇


In fact, let me put the blame on my parents. Since they loved their coffee, as long as I can remember it has only been cups of coffee everyday. But that said, if somebody offers them tea, they do drink a cup. We are not the ones to sit uptight 😉 and say, we’re the coffee people and refuse what is offered as a house drink (when given no choice, that is)!

Many things in India work on assumptions. They assume we drink tea. They assume we drink it with milk.. So even I too have had my share of tea, being polite. (Which I am not BTW, all the time) but people have taken that politeness for granted!


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13 thoughts on “Brown M’mries”

  1. It’s tea all the way for me. At my parent’s house it used to be the propah teapot – teacosy style. And this reminds me I have area post lying somewhere. Time to bring it out. 🙂

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    1. I did chuckle at area for a sec .. 😀 and then tried to decipher auto correct .. Post the draft.. Is it on tea drinking.. I love the experience of the teapot, and the tea cosy, the sugar and milk bowls and bringing them on a tray.. 🙂


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