#windowchronicles – The Kitchen Party

I was wandering around the house thinking of what to post today when I see a pigeon party at my kitchen balcony grill.. About 10 of them on various grills had taken their places, their backs to me, looking intently at something on the other side. Almost my state last night during the IPL playoffs. I too looked in that direction.  There was a white pigeon trying to pull a rope towards it on the adjacent building’s scaffolding.. 

Somehow, they seemed to be noisy this morning, and excited about something all in all.. This was the first they had taken balcony seats at the kitchen balcony.. Waiting and watching as to what amuses them, makes them chuckle and lol.

Until their next Wednesday meeting .. Cya all..image


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

4 thoughts on “#windowchronicles – The Kitchen Party”

  1. I’m not feeling too charitable towards pigeons as of now. Back home after a holiday I find they’ve messed up my balcony beyond imagination. I’m not much for pigeon parties – definitely not in my balcony.

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