All Roads Lead to Bread!

What do you do when you wake up on a lazy Sunday morning and find only a few slices of bread and nothing else in your kitchen store 😱 and you are hungry 😔😕  1. App FoodPanda, pray restaurants are open at this early hour @8, or 2. Calm down, heat the pan, place the bread, spread a spoonful of sugar & add a dollop of butter, flip, flip, flip until it turns your shade of brown. Add some sugar, take pictures, write a blog post after/before quenching the hunger.

The result, this 😎

A super fast delicious plate of succulent bread faster than 10 minutes, with the morning cup, newspaper, sun light and sparrows.

When all roads lead to bread, make the best of it. Enjoy your day, everyone

Linking to mundanemonday #60


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

5 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to Bread!”

  1. Thank you for cooking this post up and joining the challenge 😉 Welcome to MM challenge. Couldnt start this challenge better than this with a bread, though breakfast isnt mundane!

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