#Windowchronicles – Sparrows 18S

6.57 am, and my eyes open after a well rested night of sleep. The sun looks a little muted. There is a cloud cover… The world looks a pale yellow this hour in the morning ..

I walk across the room to go into the next. The world there is a shade of squeaky white and cooler. The last dregs of the night waiting until that last minute like students in an exam hall, prepping!

The sparrows are up and about on the grills of the window. And then I thought of that tree in the park. It was more like a taller shrub with brittle branches and very few leaves. One sparrow flew and sat on a branch. Another sparrow flew in to sit on another, all the time chattering, flapping their wings until they seemed comfortable. Then one by one they flew in. I counted 15 of them. A shrub with sparrows as leaves. Such a sight I thought was unreal, visible to a patient bird watcher.. The joy of being a witness to such at two different places.. Bliss!

There are 2 of them on my grill now, their backs to me. They are also waiting to greet the sun, like me, slowly rising in front of us ..

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24 thoughts on “#Windowchronicles – Sparrows 18S”

  1. In the forest where I live, this chirping, quacking and chatter is a constant background score. It’s a delight to watch birds…especially in their musical moods πŸ™‚

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  2. Sparrows are the most familiar birds we know in my country. They are a bit cheeky and not afraid of us. When we have coffee in the garden they join us and sit on our coffee table wating for a treat.
    Have a great week!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

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  3. I love all garden birds but sparrows are so cute and do chirrup
    nice little songs,,we had a sparrow hawk he was attacking the baby
    pigeons so we did’nt like that, thankfully he went back to the woods
    across the road,
    best wishes,
    ABCW team.

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    1. I haven’t spotted a sparrow in years! But 2 years ago, I spotted a tree is sparrows after such a long time, I brought a chair and sat down at the balcony. My friend was a little irked she had to an immobile glued to the balcony friend for a few hours every morning that weekend πŸ˜€


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