Mind Conversations!

Facebook has become a weekly or a monthly thing. It does not appeal to me anymore. Is it just me or is the world with me.

I have thought of shutting down my account, I even did it once upon a time, but then I realized that it is the easiest way to keep track of posts from the bloggers I follow, their pages and their thoughts. I missed those mind conversations most. Then, there was this feeling of a vacuum, you know.. something hollow at the pit of the stomach.. churning.. and an unrest, until it received its mind and word porn nutrition supplements from fellow bloggers.. It was funny to realize that even my tummy walls were addicted to blog waves! πŸ˜› I went back to FB.. but then the zeal has decreased. I used to share a lot of photographs (of food).. and a few thoughts… we discussed, and discussed a lot! Nevertheless, when some of them stopped and passed on after typing out a wow or a beautiful or a lovely.. I became confused. I never understood what that really meant. So I did a little exploring.. I zealously looked into comments on other photographs on other pages and timelines, these beautiful and wow “friends” made. It seemed their vocabulary was just two words.. !! But nobody other than me seemed to mind!

Pic Courtesy: Mind Porn

I love conversations, I love a dialogue.. in the absence of which I walk out.. may be I don’t stage it, but I silently move out to places of discussions, and challenges as opposed to empty wows and beautiful.

ps:Β But the other more compelling reason for not using it, is of course the privacy of instant messaging!


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13 thoughts on “Mind Conversations!”

  1. Totally agreed. It is hard to have meaning conversations in facebook. Mostly FB is all about “glamor and glitz”. People don’t want others to think they are having any experiences other than “awesome”. Yeah. Blogging is a different world though. πŸ™‚ Glad to be a part of it. Cheers.

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  2. Facebook ? Now what’s that ?
    My craze for fb was over last year and i deactivated my A/c successfully, but then i realized it’s me who need to control my mind to keep myself focussed and as far as friends dictionary is concerned this really sucks.. And most if the people are there who are just superfluous with limited mentality that agitates one further. Now i have one new A/c where i have my page i manage rest am not interested in even getting connected thru fb. Good post ! πŸ˜‰

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  3. Hey…I too love to have long conversation than simple hi and bye or wow and beautiful. Perfect wavelength! I just use FB to gain knowledge. So I don’t prefer chatting with anybody. I’m just an observer.
    Only long conversation or comment can express the real feel inside. I believe in it. Blogging has given me the fullest enthusiasm and I’m known for writing essays in commentsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜.
    Great blog😊

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