The (Best) Mango Cheese Cake


A random question to you? How do you order food at a restaurant?

There is always the menu card to choose from, but often I find myself becoming attracted to other tables and the food plates that come out of those swinging kitchen doors 😀 I have often asked a fellow eater from an adjacent table what their dish is whenever it has excited me and ordered the very same.. And they have obliged 😉 (that is very important) I’ve found people bond over food very quickly, conversations become easier … and genuine joy and the fondest of memories comes out during such.

The mango cheese cake was on the festival menu, like an appendix to a thesis.. It was served with a dash of mango pulp and freshly cut mangoes. And I would say, a scoop of the cheese cake, a bit of the freshly cut mango smeared with the pulp was an all time high food orgasm 😉

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17 thoughts on “The (Best) Mango Cheese Cake”

  1. that seems delicious….

    I rarely come in restaurants but if i do…. i know what i want, i don’t look much at the menu or on other tables… you make me think about it now, and i realised just through your post that i do it like i wrote above…never thought about it in an other way

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    1. That’s pretty neat. My eyes tend to wander especially when I’m in a new place. I either hand it over to the head butler to choose his best mix. In a restaurant I visit often, I don’t am like you .. 🙂 thanks for stopping by Melody


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