Of course, it is mother’s day today

I’ve always been very selfish about my mother (are you?). I want my morning cuppa of coffee from her or her call when I wake up first thing in the morning.. I want her full attention when I’m telling her about my day, the stories that come to mind anytime. I want her to respond with equal enthusiasm when I discuss and argue about every possible thought that crosses my way.. I get irritated when she feels lazy about things I feel strongly about she should be doing. I am a very stubbirn daughter you see 😛 (in her I find my model…Though she will never agree.. Ask her and she’ll say I’m the only person she fights/argues/breaksup with 😛 mothers & daughters 😛 😛 but that’s the bond we share … Somebody I can wholeheartedly fight without an inkling of feeling judged! Oh yes, fighting is very important to me, if I can fight with somebody it is a indicator that I like that person – quirky Aquarian trait;))

But, I have been fortunate that I am born to a woman who has consciously kept aside time for these little things about her children in a day. Mothers are of different kinds mine turns out to be this way. After all the time I take from her, she still finds time to do all her personal work, her 9 hours of sleep, stays happy, rejuvinated and refreshed. That’s the lesson learnt .. 🙂 if I plan to become one, I do have a big shoes to fill..


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8 thoughts on “Of course, it is mother’s day today”

  1. This is a really sweet post 🙂 I’m also pretty close with my mom and like you said,I want her full attention when I’m telling her my stories and the things happening in my life.We do have arguments but we don’t fight that often (maybe coz I’m a Cancerian? 😀 ) Anywway..Nice post.A perfect tribute to your mother.I’m pretty sure this post’ll bring a smile on her face 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Re-view-ing and commented:

    M always wanted a girl child 🙂 and from that moment on, .. we have grown up together all these years. fighting, arguing, loving, baking, reading, writing and the many speeches and having loads of fun… Happy Mother’s Day Ammuse (in advance)… from your girl!!

    ps: I just hope I remember to wish the father on Father’s day as well 😉 (which he needs to remind me always, every year … :P)


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