Friday Flowers – Konnapoo (golden flower tree)

I spotted a konna (golden shower tree/cassia fistula/amaltus) in full bloom as I walked down this morning around a corner near a zebra crossing. The dosa/idli breakfast vendor had parked his cart under its shade. In the evening, the sugarcane man makes it his corner for serving juice.


Konna or konnapoo is an important flower for Malayalees during celebration of Vishu in April. My mind goes back to a Vishnu season in Kerala a few years ago when there was very little konnapoo to be found. The enterprising malayalees welcomed the season with its plastic replicas ๐Ÿ˜‰

A week into May, and the konna in that corner is still in full bloom. As I sit down on the footpath bench waiting for my glass of sugarcane juice, I see a bunch of these yellow flowers swaying in the evening breeze. In the backdrop of the night sky and the lights from the juice cart, the flowers seem a pale white in colour.

ps: One of those rare moments, when I regretted not having carried my phone along my walk.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Flowers – Konnapoo (golden flower tree)”

  1. I always was poor in botany and don’t remember this flower. You just made me see the idli wala under these flowers, with the yellow petals falling into my chutney! I could see those flowers literally!

    Love that flower! And, love the relation with Vishu.

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    1. Did I? I love that you saw the idli wala under these flowers, .. Did the petals fall into the chutney ๐Ÿ˜› look around in your corners of panvel.. You would find the this tree..

      Glad you enjoyed the post Rakesh


    1. It is bunch of flowers, Alok.. The cluster of yellow looks lovely in the background of the green. There is a story of little lord Krishna about these flowers too, (another time another post)


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