Tuesday Trees 18T

As I was slowly passing early one morning I looked down and saw the footpath strewn with these beautiful deep red flowers. The first thought that crossed my mind was another picture I had clicked a few months ago on another walk on a footpath in a different city, and during fall!

These red flowers seemed to represent the Indian Summers


The entire footpath seemed to be lined with these trees. No wonder, the flowers had fallen all over, a few spilled on to the road while the rest stayed on the footpath.

I had to know the name. Google brought back results of different kinds of red flowers but none of them matched this one I saw on the road. After red flowers, I searched for diya shaped flowers but received results of diwali decorative diyas!!🤔🙄 I was about to abandon the search, when a link to flickr came up. It had an image of a sacred African tree, Kigelia Africana. The fruit resembled the one I saw on its tree. Of course, they resembled enormous sausages 😂, no wonder the tree is called commonly as the Sausage Tree 😃 and no wonder I did not get any result for gourds growing on trees 😛


I was ecstatic that I had found the name of the tree. The morning misson was complete. Google says, this flower blooms only at night, has a pungent smell which in turn attracts bats who help in their pollination. The tree and its fruit are sacred to African traditional beliefs. There is a cautionary warning not to eat its fruits and flowers. However, they are used in a variety of skin care products.


Tuesday Trees then .. 🙂 linking to ABC Wednesday 18T


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14 thoughts on “Tuesday Trees 18T”

  1. How interesting,
    Although the thought of bats hanging out in those tree would surely
    spook me, I do admire you for your tenacity..Well done.
    Best Wishes,
    ABCW team..

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