Zip Zap Zoo


Z and I were walking back from our department to the hostel when we saw two kids in their uniforms running home from the campus school. All of a sudden, they stopped in the middle of the corridor, faced each other and started a round of zip zap zoo..

Seeing them Z and I turned to each other, smiled and strapped our totes carefully and played our round of zip zap zoo. This was something we used to play during school days.

Hardly in class 3 or 4, they finished round and moved on. Although years have rolled by, the games we had played in and around school are still played by every passing generation. Who teaches them, I wonder? It was a peer thing.. History may repeat this way too.. 😀 😛

Z and I, though we grew up in different parts of the same country, went through different motions in life before we met on this campus, clicked like that from the moment we met. It almost seems as if we had grown up together… When we saw those kids playing that morning, we just had to turn and look at each other and to begin zip zap zoo 😀

Zip zap zoo
Up together
Down together
Front together
Back together
Eat together
Drink together
Zip zap zoo


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pins & ashes

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8 thoughts on “Zip Zap Zoo”

  1. haha! I just posted and went to reader and realized we both have the exact same title for Z! 🙂
    Lovely post and lovely memories!

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