Jackfruit seeds I feel are one of the yummiest little edible things found in this world. I’m told almost every part of the jackfruit can be consumed and is useful to the body in one way or the other.

Since the last couple of years, a jackfruit powder is available in the market as a replacement for flours to bake, for crepes both the eastern and western kinds, raw jackfruit as a meal replacement for chicken in burger fillings. It is one of the healthiest is the opinion from the docs.

However, it is sad to see about 50+ jackfruits fallen from the tree and lying there rotting during the season in many homes. The season of jackfruits has just begun in Kerala. it lasts until the beginning of June or before the rain begins. With the rains, water seeps in and the fruit becomes useless.

I love my ripe jackfruit more than the curried raw ones, plus of course the dishes that are made out of its seeds. But as a whole I’m in love with this fruit in its every version and its entirety.


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