What’s the Good Word ..


What’s the good word is one of those very peaceful games. As with any other game there is that excitement but it is a very quiet scene like say chess. You wont find the players say like in dumb charades shouting out different kinds of answers :P. Back in my school days, the venue for this competition was always the library. As is, it is a sacred place…  nobody dares to make noise while our stern librarian Ms. Alex was around. The competition was one of those rare occasions when there were more than murmurs and whispers inside.

A team can have a minimum of two players, out of which one player picks up a word, starts to provide related clues to the other player to guess. Usually when played as a competition there are three clues and three accompanying guesses, the first guess gets the maximum points.  The other more stringent rule is that the clues should not form a meaningful sentence.

For instance, if I need you to guess the word water, I could say bisleri or ice or some such related words. If the word is koala I may say teddybear, animal, Australia .. like dumb charades this is also a game of mutual understanding and communication and working with the theasuraus.

Our team was tied with the other house team in the last round. It was time for a rapid fire round to decide the winners that year. My teammate picked up a word, smiled a hearty smile, turned towards me and said, absorb. We had won on the first clue and in record time of 5 seconds. It was sheer luck that we had to win the competition on that word.

Our class had a new English teacher that year. While teaching us the lesson on her first day, she stopped at the word imbibe and asked us its meaning. I liked the sound of imbibe. We started that year’s practice session with imbibe -absorb, absorb – imbibe. 🙂


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