Vena cava …


Of all the diagrams in school time biology, I used to find the diagram of the circulatory system easiest to draw and mark. I used to know it so well that in a note making question for the English exam during a term, I drew out the diagram as the answer and was given full marks šŸ™‚ :D. Out of all the names, I used to love saying .. Vena cava.. There was is an inferior and a superior vena cava.

Vena cava is this huge vein that bring back impure blood to the heart, one from the brain and around areas and the other from the parts of the body below the heart. (medical doctors, please add your corrections and details, i am talking from memory)

There is also the ventricle, the two lower chambers of the heart..above them are the auricles. So that they don’t fight with each other they are named left and right ventricle and auricle šŸ˜›

Out of curiosity, I’m making a list of body parts starting with V. There is the vertebrae column, other veins, and the vagina.. Are there any other body parts starting with V.. There is a uvula the little skin hanging at the entrance to the throat, at the end of the mouth with u..


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