Name, Place, Animal Thing – 18U


Name, place, animal thing is a game played on paper with 2 or more players, the more the better. Everyone takes a sheet of paper, divides/draws four columns for proper name, name of a place, animal and thing. The problem letters of the English alphabet as usual are U, Q and X. The game begins with a player choosing a letter.

If the letter is U, each player gets about 30 seconds to a minute to write out a name of a person, place, animal and thing beginning with that letter. The person who finishes all the columns first starts the count down. After the time is up and pencils are down, everybody reveals their answers.Β  Everybody gets 10 points each for every word if all have different answers. However, when more than one player has a common answer, the points are reduced to 5.

In the case of the letter U, almost everyone knows only unicorn for an animal and an umbrella for a thing πŸ˜‰ Even names of people are difficult to come by. But there are enough and more places starting with the letter U. If unicorn is the common answer in the column for animal then all players get 5 points each for that round. The total then goes down to 35.. If umbrella is the the other common word in the column for thing, the score further falls to 30 points. The easiest column to fill is the column for proper names, we can make up names πŸ˜› Players go as far as writing Queen Elizabeth for a name with Q. πŸ™‚

It is a fun game, a group us played it recently when a few of my friends met.. In addition to reliving schookd days and recreation hours, the game is also about quick thinking, a sharp memory and presence of mind.

It happened again, I write all of it down and then walks in the memories of the card game UNO.


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10 thoughts on “Name, Place, Animal Thing – 18U”

  1. Ah. Memories of school days. I remember the game so well, my sister and I used to play it. Even E for Egg used to be common. U, the name would be Usman because we both had classmates with the name. Of course, after a while, I added an ‘a’ and made it Usmana, so I didn’t lose points. πŸ˜€

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  2. Never played that game. I did play uno though. We even went so far as to make up our own rules. It was fun. πŸ™‚

    How did you keep the letters random when playing this game? I can imagine a lot of vindictive kids constantly choosing the difficult letters.

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