24 hours ..

Today is a 5 letter word with 24 hours .. Tomorrow also has 24 hours but has more letters than the word today. The difference between the two days is that we have one in the hand, and the other is in the bush, like in the saying… However tomorrow seems to have infinite hours .. Doesn’t it not?

Tomorrow is yet to come still many of us have our hopes pinned on it .. to act, to rest, to sleep, to enjoy, to work, to begin or end something, to talk to someone, make amends, and n number of other things & dreams like that.

What about today and its 24 hours.. The infinite possibilities it gives and what can be made out of it .. ?

I’ve been often criticised for living only in the present without a care for tomorrow! But at the same time I also have immense hope & faith in tomorrow .. I know tomorrow will definitely come, but that said I do not want to wile away time postponing what can be done today, tomorrow ..


Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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