In a matter of seconds …


S was exasperated! He was trying to act out a word part of an idiom but the 3 of us, his teammates, could not guess. The time was up and our team scored a full 120 for the round. This was during dumb charades competition part of the annual lit fest in school!! We were representing our house in class 5-7 category, but the four of us part of the team were in class 5 that year πŸ™‚

When played as a competition, the points for a team is equal to the seconds the rest of the team takes to guess the given phrase. The team with the lowest score in the end, wins. Every team has 4 members and 120 seconds to act out and guess. In the last couple of rounds the seconds are reduced to 60, sometimes even 30 and 20.

Our team’s average until this round was 30 seconds. We guessed 3 words out of 4 in the phrase, “read _______ the lines.” We hadn’t kept a sign for prepositions, we could not guess the word between. The fact that none of us knew the idiom was another factor. This was way back in class 5. We started to look up idioms and phrases from that year as an aftermath of the competition, also in prep for next year’s competition.

imageThe idiom indirectly stated what we were trying to work out as a team for the Dumb Charades Competition. It is not always about the direct actions, sometimes the actors weed their ways through many references to makes the other teammates guess.. like the instances below..

Z walked over to the other team to get the name of the film. The 4 of us were in the stands waiting for Javed Ali to come on to the stage and begin the concert. As is practice, we decided to play dumb charades with Hindi film names. Z came back, and started to show a beard, I guessed Amitabh Bachchan. Everything thereafter happened quickly. He asked me to name the 3 letter film he had acted in.. I guessed Aks. Y & X couldn’t believe we had won yet another round that evening, that too in seconds. Dumbc is more about the right kind of communication.

Another time, a group of us malayalees were playing dumb charades in the hostel. V and I were on the same team. She came grinning from ear to ear when she got the name.. She pointed at me and in acting told me to “Name the film we had watched the previous night.” Ee Thanutha Veluppan Kallathu was the name of the film. Kudos to her presence of mind! Linking to dailyprompts for Purpose

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