The O list


I met Okonkwo in my first year in college. Oedipus took over my entire second year. Then I met Othello face to face in great detail. There were Olivia & Ophelia (I’m tempted to add there was oesophagus in some class.. :D)

But before all of them there was Oscar Wilde and O Henry since the time I was told stories. In class 3, Oliver Twist came in asking for some more soup. There were the initially stubborn O’Sullivan twins who went to boarding school in St. Clare’s. But then O was a problem figure in co-operation and coordination. There is also Oliver Queen..

I’m using this a-z challenge today to make a list of characters and writers beginning with O.. Who are the characters and writers who come to mind?



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16 thoughts on “The O list”

  1. O’Henry and I have had a very long relationship. I have his collection back home. And I keep revisiting a few stories by borrowing time and again from the library here.

    Oliver Twist appealed to the child in me and the adult agrees – for every child deserves love and a happy ending 🙂
    There is another story about a lady called Obavva in Kannada where the lady defends the Chitradurga fort as her husband, a sentry eats his lunch. She kills the soldiers of Hyder Ali single handedly using a pestle. It’s a story of valor and she appealed to me because of her bravery 🙂
    The tiny hole in the wall is still there to be seen and is called Obavvana Kindi

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