Listen well ..


“Listen well, while I tell you a story, of a boy and a girl in the spring .. ” was the first song I sang as part of a solo competition. MJ’s selection, she taught me and I sang … 🙂 I won the second prize that year. . a friend of mine sang Nani Teri morni ko mor le gayi .. won the first prize.

Both our songs were selected to be performed for children’s day.
Listen well was taught to a few more and set as a group song. While Nani Teri was converted into a dance drama!

All the standard 1 class teachers were proud because all three prizes came to us while competiting with classes 1 to 4..


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11 thoughts on “Listen well ..”

  1. Some memories are so clear na?
    I remember – when my sis was in LKG, she and her friend got on stage and sang and sang and sang!!
    They didn’t stop singing and had to be carried off the stage by teachers!! LOL!
    I will never forget that scene where 2 little girls are sobbing but still singing! 😀

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