Hair …

Long time ago, there was an article about women with hair as long as their ankles. I was in class 2 or so and my grandparents were looking out for a match for my maternal uncle .. When asked about his choice he said he would like to marry a woman with such long hair.Β 

It could be one of those little fancy facts that stuck to my brain, I started to visualize my future aunt with ankle long hair πŸ™‚

The irony of that thought is the aunt he married had a haircut to keep her hair really short πŸ™‚

The story of an ankle length to hair upto the nape of the neck πŸ™‚

Β©pins n ashes 2016


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11 thoughts on “Hair …”

  1. I remember when Malayalam actress Monisha died several years ago, some people were blaming her long hair for her misfortune. They apparently concluded that ladies with long hair are prone to bad luck and misfortune. I’m not sure what the source was for such an insinuation but I found it ridiculous!

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          1. Yes! Each time I pass through Cherthala and the junction where the car they were travelling met with that fatal accident, I think of the mother who lost her child! One moment she was with you, the next moment she is gone! Feel for that mother!

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      1. It is. . But as you can see I am not very religious. Moreover I think either you do it properly or don’t do it at all..
        So when or IF.. I become religious I will keep hair and get baptised too..

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