There was this two particularly “yikes” Goosebumps episode. It is about a pair of siblings and their botanist Father.


A plant he was experimenting with had taken over his persona .. and had trapped him somewhere in the basement lab he was working in. Once the new plant daddy took over the kids found drastic changes in their father’s attitude.

Oh! I remember this scene quite vividly When the son was passing by his father’s room, he saw something moving underneath the blanket. He yanked it off and saw that their father’s mattresses was converted into an earthworm farm!! No wonder they call the show goosebumps! All my hairs still stand up thinking of those creepy crawlies on the mattress!! đŸ˜›

L’l G memories from my pensive … This is Goosebumps S1E12-13 “Stay Out of the Basement”

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