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The morning of December 3, 2011. It was a Saturday. 12 of us who met around corners after various lectures, in the corridors of the girls hostel and shared a classroom got together at PVR, Nirmal Lifestyle. It was day 2 of Vidhya Balan’s Dirty Picture.

Some decisions are like this.. I don’t know how many of us would remember that day. It was an eventful morning.. It rained unexpectedly. A friend who was supposed to accompany us had a gas stroke after breakfast. Her two friends who stayed behind to take her to the hospital were delayed by about 20 minutes. We entrusted their tix to the security at the frisking booth at the cinemas. The rest had headed to the theatre earlier without an inkling of this case..

It is funny that this group came together over a dinner conversation at the hostel mess. For the love of vidhya balan. We came together, enjoyed the show and dispersed..

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