MJ and I were outdoors, in the heat of May in the boiling scorching city of Hyderabad. All the adjectives that mean extremely hot will only enhance what this city becomes during May and partially in June. In that ever so soaring high temperature, we decided to eat at one of my favourite places – Noodle Bar @Central. (I could jot down some of my beloved memories of the place under N for this challenge).

But as of now, let me stick to the steaming bowl of soupy chicken noodles, the sizzling brownie and the chilled air from the centralized air conditioning. After an hour of this enjoyable lunch we decided to rest further.. because there stepping outside on to the road was not going to help us finish what we had come out of home for. We decided to buy tickets for a film at the theatre in the mall.. for the cool air.., the rest of 2-3 hours.. the recharge from the glaring mid day heat .. so we would be refreshed and recharged to finish the chores we had set out to do since morning. Some film! Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna…! I felt sad for the character played by Abhishek Bachchan and fell in love with the song Mitwa! Otherwise, it was the regular melodrama from Karan Johar’s Production House… Nevertheless, this chilled out afternoon (pun intended:P) ends up as one of those l’l memories of a delicious lunch and a well deserved break from the dry heat of Hyderabad with the mother….





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