Brewberrys, BBS for short


Brewberrys is one of our in campus coffee places.. Where I have spent many an hour chatting up with a lot of people over coffee., lemon and green tea, over UNO, over monopoly.. over pizzas.. their new York burger, sliders, chicken nuggets, and garlic bread..

Like Gops in HCU, BBS will also remain etched in memory for the range of conversations and silences I’ve shared, heard, argued for, reacted & listened to and been part of here. This is where most of our plans are made, many of our mid night birthdays celebrated, heated arguments moderated, conspiracies planned.. :D, rules revoked :P.


The owners call it BBC..where C stands for cafe.. But a few of us have replaced the C with an S from (B)rew(B)erry(S) and shortened to BBS

Β©pins n ashes 2016


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4 thoughts on “Brewberrys, BBS for short”

    1. fun memories. Sometimes, I feel that these sessions should be recorded in some way because of the ideas that transpire… so many thoughts.. that come and go in the midst of the conversations.. like those thoughts in the shower πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Vidya.. I was just trying out your breathwalking.. I love shavasana the best because most of the time I drift into sleep from all the stretching on the yoga mat πŸ™‚


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