Maheshinte Prathikaram (2016) | Dileesh Pothen’s directorial debut

Mahesh Bhavana (Fahad Faasil) is a small time still photographer who continues to run his father Vincent Bhavana’s Photo Studio in the town circle for a living… He lives with his widowed father, looking after him and their household, happily leading a social life with a few close friends and their families, with dreams of getting married to his long time girlfriend from school, Soumya, until something unexpected happens… this social scape is captured in the title song within those first few minutes. This is a different way of narration without a closeup or a preface from other characters like they repeat Reuters Venu in Run Baby Run before Mohanlal steps in ๐Ÿ™‚

Now the simplicity of the film lies in that song, in Mahesh’s decision… Mahesh decides then that he will walk bare foot until he is able to fulfill his pledge and take revenge. There is a moment later where even Mahesh wonders (I think) whether he will ever be able to walk in a footwear i spite of people egging him with commondra maheshe ๐Ÿ˜€


As is always, life goes on in the town.. Mahesh walks bare foot wherever he goes, walking, climbing, riding .. He becomes a butt of a few smirks here and there..

Just like Action Hero Biju is a differently narrated police story, Mahesh too is not shown as planning and plotting his revenge like a revenge movie such as Vettah. His is a very personal revenge, even the man whom he wants to fight with has no inkling that Mahesh is gearing up to fight him. Since the revenge involves a physical fight, Mahesh enrolls himself into a kung fu class without much ado. The film is differently narrated because it does not show and tell, but wants the audience to join the lines of the plot. Mahesh joining the Kung fu class is one such.

Another instance is Soumya’s father’s reference to his daughter’s love story with Mahesh. He refers to it as their very personal act of making and eating a certain local sweet which is no big secret in that small town. Thus the significance of Mahesh bringing this sweet to Soumya on the night she arrives home, initially in the film, is sealed in that one statement.

The film is also about Mahesh’s transformation from taking passport size photographs in a studio setting to being able to capture those live and fleeting moments… His father’s advice that a good photographer is always ready at stand by to click the right moment seems also to be about readying Mahesh for everything life has to offer and take away from him


A simple story set in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and their matters is brought to life by Mahesh, Babychettan, Crispy, Soumya & Jinsy

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4 thoughts on “Maheshinte Prathikaram (2016) | Dileesh Pothen’s directorial debut”

  1. Sounds really fascinating! Wish I could understand Malayalam! There are so many Tamil and Mallu movies, which I want to see! I think, I’ll have to wait till some Bollywood character decides to remake it with Salman or Ajay. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Great review, indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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