Vettah (2016) – Rajesh Pillai’s Swan Song


At the crux of it, Vettah is about an inhuman crime, the seeds of which begin a story of a vengeance.. a vengeance like that which washed over the Count of Monte Cristo.. With such an intense sense of retribution, the crime is also near perfect. Two police officers .. and a murder suspect .. take us through the plot of a kidnapping and murder and a conspiracy!


Manju Warrier has finally risen above her personal life, her bygone fame and comeback to play the part of a police officer

She plays the role of Sreebala IPS, and full marks to her gait when she is in uniform.

2. Two back to back police stories at the box office… This one however falls in line with the older genre of a police officer and her team who set out to investigate a kidnapping and a possible murder..the difference is that the team is led by a female officer. After Vani Vishwanath there has been no female police officers so far until Asha Sharath in Drishyam. I would say Sharath had a meatier role at par with that of Mohanlal in the film. With Vettah, it is more subtle. The personal life of a police officer is intertwined in a vicariousness as the plot is a built up as a mind game!


3. Our once upon a time chocolate boy hero Kunchacko Boban has come this far when his smirk hides the answers to all questions of the police. Rajesh Pillai is one among the many directors who has offered him roles to step out of his boyish romantic charm to portray more nuanced human emotions… He plays the pivotal Melvin Philip who moves the plot forward, one of his best so far in his comeback..


4. Indrajith Sukumaran is turning into the likes of actors such as Siddique and Sai Kumar an actor who takes up any role so much so that the audience is kept guessing as to whether he plays the good cop or the bad, or a mixed shade.. He plays Xylax Abraham.. The name stands out and has a sharpness to it that rings the name villain out loud πŸ˜€

I wouldn’t say Vettah is an edge of the seat thriller but it captures our interest to know how deep the still waters run.

If I say anything more, I may have to say spoiler alert πŸ™‚ let me just say this, it begins just like A Wednesday ..

A police officer shares a case file with us, her most challenging case to date.

Though the film begins with a spotlight on Manju Warrier, the film is shouldered equally by Kunchacko Boban and Indrajit Sukumaran.

And with Vettah, a day after its release Rajesh Pillai leaves us to make films elsewhere

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    1. When a Malayalam film or any language film is screened outside its state I think there are subtitles. You won’t need many here because there is very little talk in the film.. πŸ™‚


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