Dha Puttu :P

One of my biggest strengths, I feel is that I have a set of people around me who give in to my spontaneous and impromptu* nature. They enjoy it, let me be and sometimes top it**. Like today….MJ was preparing puttu (steam cake) for breakfast. She started off like this …

The plain one .. 🙂

DJ was chopping out vegetables for the day’s salad. I walked into the kitchen and while making small talk asked MJ if I could make the last puttu with veggies. She agreed 🙂 and I set this penultimate puttu with the vegetables from the salad bowl.

Carrot and celery ..

And it just happened to be served in that quarter plate! We never planned on that. But what she did next topped it all she made this

A Chicken Surprise ...

She hid shreds of chicken from the side dish alongside the salad vegetables.. And I was surprised when in started eat it 🙂

Dhe Puttu in our kitchen, we call it Dha Puttu  😀 😀 (dhe puttu  is a food franchise opened in Cochin which serves a variety of steam cakes)

*Living with two aquarians, MJ does not want any more Aquarians in the family. She says she has more than a handful of enough eccentric crazy stubborn but affectionate dreamers for steady company 😛 😛 

**when I go overboard, they so keep me check 😉

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