Book Buddies

You tell me, what goes absolutely hand in hand with a book for you? I’m listing a few random partners.

1. A cup of coffee
2. A bottle of water
3. A piece of cake
4. A packet of chips
5. A pillow
6. A comfortable chair
7. A mattress
8. A corner beside the cupboard
9. A lone time
10. A flight ticket

Personally for me, an untouched coffee and an unopened bottle of water, a half eaten piece of cake and unopened packet of chips are indications of a good book… Or the level of concentration the book has taken me into.. I rarely eat while I read. For that matter, I don’t even keep food or a drink nearby while I am at it. It is very distracting to begin with. Cakes and chips are so messy, they even stick to the pages of the book!! or the reader! So, eating means having napkins around, wiping hands on it frequently after every bite!! 😉 😉 my best partner then is a flight ticket .. I can take a seat at an airport lounge and later in an plane, fasten the seat belt and read.. It can also be a cushion .. 🙂


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