Yolk Serendipity


I was whisking the first egg for breakfast this morning, the yolk came out whole and clean. As I started beating the egg white with a fork, this happened. I ran to fetch my phone to take a picture 🙂 obviously 😀

When I noticed that the yolk was untouched I went with the flow. I added the second egg and whisked just the white keeping both the yolks intact on the other side of the bowl. This time since I knew, I was being careful. The frothy whites increased in volume and almost covered the two yolks. I was happier that the yolks did not break but a pinch of a salt sad that the yolks were only partially visible..

Then, I added a third egg.. Now there were three yolks intact in my bowl among white froth.. I became very very happy.. The white froth tripled and the the three yolks were submerged in it. I could not see them anymore.

But by the time I started with the egg white of the fourth egg.. the fork hit one of the yolks, the white froth started turning yellow so I whisked all of it together 🙂

I’ll take a bigger bowl next time, if possible a see through glass bowl so I can see the yolks floating from the sides  ..

I had a sunny happy breakfast 🙂


The second picture shows I went overboard.. I tend to at times when I am excited over some thing, like this variant of a sunny egg this morning 🙂

Have fun 🙂 #littlepleasures. also linking the post to Kim’s Little Things Thursday  & Mundane Monday Challenge

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21 thoughts on “Yolk Serendipity”

  1. Reblogged this on pins & ashes and commented:

    And it happened all over again this morning.
    But habits that seem to die hard, I forgot to whisk my eggs in a glass bowl to see all of them play around among its frothy whites!
    up to 4 eggs today! the joy in little things.


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