F r i e d nds :P

Some people just walk into our lives and become a habit. I really dont know when a handful* of people walked in together, sometimes alone, sometimes walked beside me to the pool.. On my way on a local train, as a blog comment, as a classmate.. They walked into my life and have stayed with me till date.. They are there… a thought away …

I think I need to find another word for them .. The word Friends seem to fall short ..

Any suggestions, anybody..

*more than two handsful.

pins n ashes


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

2 thoughts on “F r i e d nds :P”

  1. Oh yesssssss… I am sure you know my views on friendship and friends.. and here is a coincidence tomorrow morning my friend is comig from India for 2 days to see me.. (will tell later why )

    So its party time for the next 2 days…

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