Pink pearls

I was at this supermarket with my shopping cart, wheeling it around the aisles when I spotted this pink pearly fruit wrapped in transparent foil, arranged neatly and kept for sale! And soon enough my mind galloped back to those holidays in summer at my maternal home.

We used to not like this big lemon that grew on the trees in the backyard. We called them bambloos naranga in malayalam! If you want to visualize, think of a lemon the size of a musk melon replaced with a green exterior. Cut it open and you find baby pink segments, segments like in an orange .. And they look very similar to pink pearls .. In English this big lemon is called the pomelo. Google tells me this is the south indian pomelo.

I remember during my childhood I was so fed up seeing them stacked on one side of my grandmother’s second kitchen, none of us relished them after the initial day of it. But it was available on plenty and they were stacked. Since it was always available in the back yard it was never bought from market. Or rather never a commodity in the market.

To see those pink pearl segments nicely wrapped in foil and kept for sale in a hypermarket .. Well.. The man in charge who saw me standing near it started explaining its nutritious side.. I smiled as I made my way to the counter taking a picture of it to send it to my cousins who grew up with me ..

Here you go, check out this video… The fruit is pomelo..


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13 thoughts on “Pink pearls”

  1. When I visited my friend in Wayanad during our Calicut trip, she took us to her maternal grandparents’ garden – a huge one with a lot of trees. She then showed us these huge muskmelon sized oranges and we had super fun plucking them. She called them bamblimas though – but your description exactly matches with what I saw 🙂 We got home two big bags full and enjoyed them for many days. Like you, she was also telling me how they never paid any attention to those fruits in abundance – happens when you have it right in your backyard 🙂

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    1. It is the same GB.. It is known variously as babloos and bamblismas .. It will have Bs, Ms and Ls in its name. But I never felt cloyed with mangoes or jackfruit 😀 😀 .. After making jams and squashes .. There were still left. May be none of liked the sweet sour taste of it! No idea 😉 Glad you enjoyed it GB


  2. I have seen that fruit as well when it came as Prasad from people who celebrated Chath. It’s a festival that falls on the 6th day of Diwali and people from Bihar celebrate it. In my hometown in UP, a couple of families used to share it. As kids we used to call it bada wala nimbu 🙂

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    1. I know about the chath pooja that is celebrated after diwali in the state of bihar courtesy friends ..and a knowledge of chath also gave me a free night ride kf delhi a few months ago…it is bada wala nimbu..another not so badawala nimbu we use it to make pickles

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  3. I love bamblingas 😀 When I was at Chengannur, every Sunday on our way back from church, few if us used to pluck them from an unoccupied house 😉 The neighbors were quite amused to see us girls try so hard to get them 😛 Btw I still get to taste them coz Tesu’s dad buys pomelo almost every week from Lulu 😉 😀

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