Simon Says To ..

.. You would have also played it as Daisy says to, Richard Parker says to or Donald Duck says to.. Or Nobody Knows that I want you to…The names keep on changing .. But the game remains the same.

It is a group game now converted as an ice breaker for meetings and also to reactivate participants during a session after lunch  ..or as a party game pipe up the guests .. 😀

The rules.. It is a one against many game like statue..

(remember statue? 😀 it was so much fun to freeze somebody mid way in an action and walk off..  Until somebody else came along to unfreeze the person. At the same time it is irritatingly annoying to be frozen on the spot waiting for somebody to unfreeze you)

Getting back to the rules… ‘the one’ tries to trick the rest to do things within the given space prefixing simon says to.

If ‘the one’ says, simon says to clap your hands the rest has to start clapping and yes, continue clapping their hands until ‘the one’ says simon says to stop clapping your hands. The game becomes a spectacle when ‘the one’ says simon says to clap your hands, continues to say..simon says to march. the rest has to march and also clap.. 😀 it is a riot if you are in the audience watching it.. Now, while clapping and marching, all their ears needs to be keyed to what ‘the one’ says because nobody else but the one know what is next… If the one says simon says to stop clapping then the the rest needs to stop clapping but still continue marching .. The fun is in not knowing what the one will say next, the fun is to be able to follow and perform what the one says and continue doing ..The fun is also in the confusion that follows at such intersections of changes and multitasking between all that simons makes the rest do… If somebody in the confusion still continues to clap and march they take the place of ‘the one’ while the previous ‘one’ joins ‘the rest’;

However, the game can become arduous if prolonged and the fun factor lost. It is fun to be in either position of the one and the rest.. But a creative one can play their cards very well to make the game a fun ride alongside a fun group as part of the rest.

The real fun begins when the rest ceases to realize it is a game, anymore. And then nobody knows .. 🙂 it could even be simon says to tweet a comment in the middle of a blog meet .. And then maybe say stop tweeting now and the bloggers knowing the game continues to tweet because the command was not prefixed by simon says to 😛

The prompt nobody knows that .. took me back to schools days of simon says to 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Simon Says To ..”

  1. This sounds like fun. We play a simple version of Simon says with the kids – where people aren’t supposed to keep doing the things Simon asks them to. This is a must try with the kids.

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