Tsk tsk cold

I’ve always wanted to do something with food … And after this year’s excellent beginning with a voiceless larynx and a shut ear, an annoyingly runny nose and an itchy throat I have realized one thing .. Desserts are always served cold in restaurants. Even drinks, except for a cup of hot coffee and hot tea. But these drinks are also time bound!


It has been very disappointing these so many days …( Abt 31+6+7 to be exact) when I look at the dessert section of an ala cate card when I sit down to eat..

My resolve has just grown stronger.. To set shop that serves only normal to piping hot plates of desserts and glasses of liquids..

What say! 😀 😀

pins n ashes


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

4 thoughts on “Tsk tsk cold”

  1. yes .. I would come too.. or you can do what my little niece thinks is a good idea to have ice cream with a cold and runny nose ..

    Microwave the ice cream 🙂 and eat it … he he he he

    ok you can let go the surprised look …

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