31 days on the trot ..

Imagine a table, a table in the centre of a room … it may not have corners, but it may have curves..  11 people or 24, out of which one is me. We are all part of this table, we are all part of this space of the table physically but in our own worlds, worlds of work with our worlds of music.. Metaphorically, this table can very well translate into our blogging platforms. And this meeting at the table for 31 days on a trot comes to an end today .

It has been a wild ride this one.. But I am grateful to the many posts in the drafts, and grateful to the daily blogathon that brought them out to the light of day.. Like this last one too.. I don’t remember when these get written and most importantly why they don’t get published.. May be just may be there should be a blogathon to post drafts to clean out that folder 🙂

Thank you for coming by, following the posts, liking them and taking time out to comment. I loved the interactions at yours and mine.

So, two years in a row, a year begins with 31 posts 🙂 OK blog bye for now.. Running for a blog vacation.


Let’s have some cake 🙂

Blogathon’16 Day 31


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

6 thoughts on “31 days on the trot ..”

  1. Congratulations you did it. I gave up. And not even mid way! Way before even that. This must have been my most dismal blog marathon performance. *sobs* I need a slice of that cake of yours to feel better 🙂

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