Words.. writing as reflection

It is all in the words.. what we are, who we are

Our choice of words in a post indicate a lot about the writer and in turn can prove to be a blueprint.

There are a few like the writers who write stories, they sit away from their own selves and write. In their stories, the I may never be them, the context could be far far away from their lives .. even then, the fact that a writer writes creates a little corner of a me factor in these stories. Therefore, we may have traits and common factors that a writer attaches to their works.. certain coinages, cliches… names…

the films are a better place to look out for them, for the signature of the filmmaker… similar traits with which we as readers can identity or come close to identifying even when the name of the writer is not given

What am I talking about here? I am talking about how our writing is a reflection of the ways we think and go about with our lives…

If handwriting, the slant of our signature and the pressure we apply to the pen are clues to our personality… so are the words we choose and ideas we choose to write about… the identifying elements could be in the order of the words, the formatting..

if somebody tries to sit and read all the blog posts of a blogger, since we are in that medium…  and is willing to write, there will most definitely emerge a blueprint of the blogger..

If you have been reading my blog even occasionally, you would know from the posts most of my likes and dislikes and the passions of my life and therefore, the person I am. If I were to put a mask ..

the mask would give away at the most innocent of moments or at a time of genuine excitement.. because what we are comes out at the most urgent of moments, it could be induced by fear, joy, sorrow

when the words we have acted on has failed us and our true feelings come out .. when we are in trouble for instance, the words we utter may be synonyms of the words for our parents, or the powers we believe in.. in a language we have been talking since childhood or only at home… that very personal language..never know when the true self comes out..

but on the other hand why wait for it to come out.. being and acting the self, I feel is the easiest way forward for a stress free happy life!

Blogathon’16 Day 29


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

4 thoughts on “Words.. writing as reflection”

  1. You are right on so many counts, Aswathi. When I read someone, I’ve so often felt what prompted him/her to write in a certain way when he/she could have conveyed the same message in probably a better way. That’s the writer’s imprint. I think even if he/she tried to mask it, it wouldn’t be successful because the words come from the depths of the mind and that can never mask anything.

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