A Book Bias …

I sometimes wonder what it is to be biased ….. (Even when I have my own strong likes and dislikes.. Still..)

And then an example falls from nearby. I was horrified, and horrified is the word, the other day when my sibling sent me a picture of a box set he had purchased at a sale at landmark. I wanted to bury myself in the sand.. I thought it was peculiar that the mother also shared a part of the horror 😛 Birds of the same feather! The books were from Paulo Coehlo. About 10 of them. I comfort myself that they look lovely on the shelf with their colourful spines 😛

I remember, about 8-10 years ago, I was made to read two books, one the alchemist and the other the monk who sold his Ferrari at gun point, almost. I read with great difficulty, especially the Ferrari book because it made no sense to me at many levels. The alchemist I cracked one day after I had kept it aside after starting it like some 10 or 12 times. Almost at gunpoint, because I couldn’t say no to the person who asked me to read! It took me I don’t know over a year to complete these two books. The other time I willingly set myself to read a book of the same genre is Eat Pray Love, I loved the eat part of it a lot, I would suggest to people, read the eat and close the book. After alchemist with its universe conspires theory was a comfort pillow and quotable…  I took up, his other books. But at the end of each book I read, all he had to say were the same things, directly or indirectly. I stopped! I stopped reading also because all this self help was getting to me! I needed to help myself to get out of these artificial self helping and motivating books. But I am in a minority group, the larger majority love PC books! they loved the positive energy in selling the ferari, somebody else buying it, discarding it on the road and walking the desert or climbing a mountain… scuba diving as recent as Hrithik Roshan’s Zindagi..

I’ve understood I am allergic to this induced kind of self help in any media format! More so because I feel only I can help myself, no books, no people, no miracle can do that.. yes they can motivate! but finally it is upto the person.. It is easy to understood why I was horrified when there was a pic of a box set from the sibling! Well it could be a book bias, anyways, I’m so sure, the sibling will come back with the same thoughts.. but the realization that I have a book/author bias is getting to me!! .. In search for another word … a euphemism….. 😀

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14 thoughts on “A Book Bias …”

  1. Ooh I agree Pins. The Alchemist was the only Coehlo book I read. As for Eat Pray Love – it’s still languishing in m cupboard. I also tried the Secret which everyone has been raving about but it was exactly as you say – repetition and more repetition till I went crazy. What I’ve come to realise is that people have way different choices when it comes to reading. (Of course a sibling doing something like this is unforgivable) and also, like a friend pointed out, – with self help books you need to be at a specific point in your life to appreciate/understand them. When she was going through a tough phase she picked up the Secret and she says it helped her lot. I kind of felt she might have something there. But self-help isn’t my idea of a good book too, at least not for now.

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    1. I haven’t gone so far as even looking at the secret even when people are gungho about it. I run away as far as possible from this genre.

      Clearly as you say people have their own reading tastes.. And as a person I don’t have to take a stand, but my only grouse is about how people choose. choose for yourself don’t go with what is popular opinion.. Make a choice. I have known people who buy books just because it makes them look cool in the eyes of their group or others!


  2. Don’t shoot me! But I liked The Alchemist. 🙂
    Then I read his Veronika Decides to Die, and I stopped reading his books. That book was extremely depressing. Anyway.. I like certain “self-help” books, like the ones from Mitch Albom, The Last Lecture from Randy Paush. A few of them did help me get past a bad phase. I know we need to motivate ourselves and pick ourselves up. But sometimes I feel we need a push, and what better than a book for that?

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    1. Motivation comes from different places.. Many a time it comes from books. That said, like you said too.. I feel there is an industry called self help.. That’s all.. Thinking of whether to shoot you or not 😛


  3. Being who I am. I love self help books. Mainly because it brings me focus back to my habits. Makes me look at myself under the microscope. But I have many friends who think just like you. You aren’t wrong. The places we seek motivation might be different but I am sure all of us need something to hold on to. 🙂 it might be our partner or a book or a music. 🙂

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