Salt mango tree w/ prawn mango curry

Salt mango tree is an inside joke among Malayalees.. It was made popular in a 1980s Mohanlal film. Therefore, when a new film is released with such a title, a Malayalee will obviosuly guess the context. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

There is indeed a 2015 film starring Biju Menon, Chandrapriya and Suhasini by that name. The film makes fun of talks about a middle class Malayalee family’s craze and disappointment in teaching their child English and enrolling him into an English medium as they think that it is the language of opportunity.

Salt Mango Tree is a literal translation of the breakfast dish Upma or upumavu in colloquial Malayalam..uppu – salt/ mavu – mango tree in Malayalam. Throughout the film the son is made to remember the English word for animals, things and phenomena as practice for his interview for junior kindergarten. For eg, he says mazhavillu and automatically spells out its English equivalent, rainbow. The film is different because it brings out a solution to train and prepare parents and their children for these (tough) school interviews. Certain truths can only be driven home through exaggeration. Suhasini’s character in the film is one such. I felt it is a little over the top just like her act in love 24Γ—7 (2015)

Like salt mango tree, the new phrase that may be remembered from this film is elephant rock school, a literal translation of Aanapara. Aanapara is a name of a place in Kerala. (Aana – elephant, para -rock) School


Now this dish in the picture is the very popular and yummilicious chemeenum manga from Kerala. When translated into English it becomes prawn mango curry. Chemeen (prawn)/manga (mango). It could be solely my quirky problem that I face when I stare at a menu which says prawn mango curry. I am never able to visualize that prawn mango as this light yellow semi liquid gravy made from ground coconut/coconut milk with the heat coming from long green chillies slit length wise. I can conjure up many many dishes with prawn and mango as the core ingredients, but when somebody says chemeenum manga this is what comes to mind πŸ˜›

Blogathon’16 Day 26.
ChandraPriya is the same actor who played the role of Indrajith’s wife in Angels (2014).

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9 thoughts on “Salt mango tree w/ prawn mango curry”

      1. Oh ya.. I do that.. Infact when we bought raw mango last time, we made prawns n manga curry and then next day made pachamanga chammanthi n again raw mango rice for dinner.. My neighbor rolled here eyes and asked ahem ahem, why lots of pachamanga these days.. πŸ˜πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

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      1. Hehe yea it was exaggerated. But somehow they did bring a lot of laughter. If it was someone else, say Dilip, it wouldn’t have been this funny.
        On the one hand there are some who believe only English can save people. On the other hand the rest believe that anyone who speaks in English is irritating. There are very few who know that the midway.

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  1. You took me back to that 1980s movie and that hilarious scene! When you think in your mother tongue, I guess the results can be quite funny. I guess one would get enough examples to create a mother-tongue-thought-provoked-English-Malayalam-Dictionary :p

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